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About us

YMGT is run for mums by mums who are passionate about health and fitness and know first hand how good exercise makes you feel.

We want to empower mums to live an active healthy lifestyle. At YMGT we know life changes after becoming a mum and it gets tough staying on track with your fitness, that’s why we offer a combination of elements from outdoor boot camps, mothers group and playgroup. When you feel like life is getting in the way consider giving YMGT a go.

We are extremely proud of the community of like-minded mums we have created who come together and take charge of their health. Under a team of qualified women’s fitness coaches you will immediately feel welcomed, be supported, encouraged, motivated and inspired.

At YMGT you won’t find any judgement, mirrors or choreographed steps. What you will find is a great group of women all going through the same thing together. If you want accountability, motivation and results then you need to come to a YMGT session. Our sessions are run outside in the fresh air, where you’ll try something new, get results, feel inspired and never get bored.

We understand how hard it can be to fit in exercise when you have children to look after, so we provide child minding at most of our sessions. Your children can play happily nearby while you enjoy your workout.