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Good on you for making the first step to living a healthier and happier life!

I know from experience it may feel daunting before your first session and you may be a little bit nervous. Yummy Mummys has a very welcoming environment and remember we’ve all been in the same boat so don’t let that stop you!

1. What should I bring?
Just bring along some water, a hat and a willingness to try something new!

2. What time should I arrive?
For your first session we suggest you arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can settle your little ones in the creche and fill in a health form.

3. What is the ratio in the creche for staff and children?
We have a 5:1 ratio in our Yummy Mummy Creche and we will always have extra staff if we feel your kids will benefit from extra staff.

4. What happens if it’s raining?
We train in rain, hail or shine! The only time we will cancel a session is if we deem the weather dangerous and we will let you know via SMS as soon as possible.

5. I’m nervous because I’m really unfit and don’t want to hold anyone up.
Everyone feels the same way before their first session so please don’t let it stop you from coming! Yummy Mummys has a very welcoming environment and we will always train you to your current fitness level.

6. I just found out I’m pregnant, can I still train?
Firstly, congratulations! While we thoroughly recommend keeping fit while you are pregnant this is a one on one discussion as every body is different so call your trainer to have a chat.

7. What do I do with my car keys & bag?
We have a special ‘key box’ where you can keep your keys safe throughout the session.