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Donna Gawler

Franchisee/Head Trainer – Donna

Hi I’m Donna Davies.

Prior to being a mum, I always believed that it was important to keep fit and healthy; you only live this life once. So why not live it the best way you can! Your health is the best attribute you can have, if your not healthy and feeling great….everything can spiral down from there. And who wants that? NO ONE!

From a young age, I absolutely loved going to the gym, running and playing lots of outdoor sports. I was completely hopeless at sport (still gave it a shot much to my friends amusement) but thoroughly enjoyed keeping fit.

Exercising became a healthy ‘obsession’ or you could say a hobby. I integrated it into my daily routine, like brushing my teeth and before long, it actually felt weird not to do something active every day. The enjoyment I drew from this way of life was immense (and still is) and these are my reasons for becoming a Yummy Mummy Group Training Franchisee and Head Trainer. To help others learn how marvellous it can feel to be fit and make it apart of their every day, to help them realise their potential within and achieve their goals! Whether it is keeping healthy throughout their pregnancy, loosing baby weight or just getting their bodies strong to be able to live their life to the fullest.

Exercise keeps you happy, makes you feel great about yourself, helps give you a positive outlook on life psychologically and most importantly makes every day so much easier to deal with, especially with a bubs on board or hanging off your hip!

When I fell pregnant, I must admit I was a little concerned about the weight gain and as everyone insured me it was natural and to be embraced, I didn’t want to take that for granted. I pride myself on the fact that I kept fit and healthy throughout the nine months and my body thanked me enormously with an enjoyable pregnancy, uncomplicated birth and body bounce back. I truly believe if you KEEP MOVING you can’t go wrong and I still stick to that motto.

10 months down the line and I feel better than ever. Maisie keeps me on my toes but I still try and take time out to exercise while keeping up with the demanding job of being the best mum I can.

I am extremely passionate about my fitness; life balance and helping mums feel good about themselves through pregnancy, post baby and for the rest of their lives! What better way to do this than share the ups, downs, milestones and victories with the support of other mums going through exactly the same thing.

The adrenaline kick of feeling great after a workout is honestly the best natural high there is so come and get as high as you can with me!

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