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Franchisee/Head Trainer – Tanielle

Hi I’m Tanielle Peate.

I am a mother of two young boys.

I am qualified as a Primary School Teacher and Master Trainer. My family moved to Springfield Lakes in January 2015 from Adelaide, bringing with us a new business.

I am proud to own the first Yummy Mummy Group Training franchise in Queensland. I know very well the challenges of parenting and I know first hand how hard it can be to prioritise exercise and clean eating. I also know that we all tend to put our children’s needs before our own. Before having children my husband and I used to exercise together (and do basically every thing together), nowadays we have to be a little more strategic and play tag team at times to get everything done. I am sure this sounds quite reminiscent for many of you.

My journey began when my youngest son started to eat. I suddenly realised the importance of being educated about nutrition and having the ability to home cook to provide my children with the healthiest food. I had an overwhelming desire to be the best role model for my son that I could. When I fell pregnant with my second child I knew that things were going to be more challenging day to day to eat healthy and exercise. It was at this point that I decided to take the plunge and enrol in the courses for group fitness and personal training. I am a big believer that knowledge is the key and it can change your life. For me this has certainly been a game changer. Clean eating and exercise are the key to a happy healthy life and with encouragement and knowledge we can all achieve it.

Even with all my knowledge, I still struggled with feeling unmotivated when going to the gym for classes and training. Time was precious and I felt as though I was missing out on spending time with my family. That’s when I found Yummy Mummy Group Training. My first Yummy Mummy Group Training session was the most challenging I had ever done, far more challenging than any gym class. Most amazingly they encouraged me personally, learnt my name and were genuinely interested in me and my journey. I had suddenly become important and accountable. Yummy Mummy Group Training gave me the motivation and challenge that I wasn’t getting with the gym, plus the trainers and other mums could emphathise with me and didn’t mind a bit of a chat. I soon discovered that every session was different and I loved how quickly I got results in my fitness levels. It wasn’t long before Yummy Mummy Group Training became my other little family and happy place. I was addicted.

I knew early in the piece that I absolutely loved the Yummy Mummy Group Training business model and what it offered to this niche group. As a trainer, I want other mums to have the opportunity to train in an encouraging environment where every individual matters and we will notice if you are missing. I want to challenge mums to improve their fitness levels and become a ‘yummy mummy’ by feeling fit and healthy. I want to educate and encourage mums to be their best and feel their best for themselves and their families. To be genuinely happy you must first love and care for yourself!

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